Theodoros Dardavessis

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BACKGROUND Thromboembolic disease (TED) represents one of the main reasons of morbitity and mortality in Western World. Venous and arterial thrombotic disorders have long been viewed as separate pathophysiological entities. However, in recent times the separate nature of arterial and venous thrombotic events has been challenged. Although inherited(More)
The western world is facing the consequences of higher standards of medical care and improved living conditions. While people are living longer the prevalence of overweight and obesity is escalating which increases the risk of developing non-communicable diseases. However it must be noted that there is a U shaped relationship between weight and mortality(More)
BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis affects a significant proportion of the European population. Few surveys have investigated this disorder in Greek adults. Our objective was to describe the characteristics of patients with allergic rhinitis in an adult outpatient clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece. METHODS We studied the medical records of adult patients referred(More)
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