Theodoros Alexandropoulos

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The performance of template-based inspection of randomly oriented targets relies on the effective operation of two procedures: image registration and change detection. Each procedure is characterised by its own challenges. Real-time applications require that image registration is performed in an acceptable time with accurate results, regardless of(More)
This paper presents a template-based inspection application for change detection. This implementation aims to the inspection of targets which appear at an arbitrary orientation, such as undervehicle surfaces in vehicle inspection stations. The operation of the application is divided in two phases: image registration and change detection. Image registration(More)
The task of detecting changes between two image frames is obstructed by the influence of noise and by the existence of ambient illumination variations between the image frames. The former is an inherent property of all electronic imaging devices. The latter appears when changes in camera exposure or white balance settings occur and tends to degrade the(More)
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