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The electrical activity of endocrine pituitary cells is mediated by a plethora of ionic currents and establishing the role of a single channel type is difficult. Experimental observations have shown however that fast-activating voltage- and calcium-dependent potassium (BK) current tends to promote bursting in pituitary cells. This burst promoting effect(More)
Pituitary cells of the anterior pituitary gland secrete hormones in response to patterns of electrical activity. Several types of pituitary cells produce short bursts of electrical activity which are more effective than single spikes in evoking hormone release. These bursts, called pseudo-plateau bursts, are unlike bursts studied mathematically in neurons(More)
We combine bifurcation analysis with the theory of canard-induced mixed mode oscillations to investigate the dynamics of a novel form of bursting. This bursting oscillation, which arises from a model of the electrical activity of a pituitary cell, is characterized by small impulses or spikes riding on top of an elevated voltage plateau. Oscillations with(More)
Pseudo-plateau bursting is a type of oscillatory waveform associated with mixed mode dynamics in slow/fast systems and commonly found in neural bursting models. In a recent model for the electrical activity and calcium signaling in a pituitary lactotroph, two types of pseudo-plateau bursts were discovered: one in which the calcium drives the bursts and(More)
Mixed mode oscillations (MMOs) are complex oscillatory waveforms that naturally occur in physiologically relevant dynamical processes. MMOs were studied in a model of electrical bursting in a pituitary lactotroph [34] where geometric singular perturbation theory and bifurcation analysis were combined to demonstrate that the MMOs arise from canard dynamics.(More)
In this article, we study canard solutions of the forced van der Pol equation in the relaxation limit for low-, intermediate-, and high-frequency periodic forcing. A central numerical observation made herein is that there are two branches of canards in parameter space which extend across all positive forcing frequencies. In the lowfrequency forcing regime,(More)
We report on the discovery of a novel class of bursting rhythms, called amplitude-modulated bursting (AMB), in a model for intracellular calcium dynamics. We find that these rhythms are robust and exist on open parameter sets. We develop a new mathematical framework with broad applicability to detect, classify, and rigorously analyze AMB. Here we illustrate(More)
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