Theodore V. Zahariadis

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Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) are a new paradigm of wireless network, offering unrestricted mobility without any underlying infrastructure such as base station or mobile switching centers. Basically ad hoc network is a collection of nodes communicating with each other by forming a multi-hop network. In a mobile ad hoc network, it is much more vulnerable(More)
— The analog switch-off of TV broadcasting will release significant spectrum resources available for the introduction of innovative services. In this context, cognitive radio appears as one of the most promising technologies to take advantage of the spectrum dividend. In this paper, the interference problems related to cognitive radio deployment and(More)
SUMMARY The range of applications of wireless sensor networks is so wide that it tends to invade our every day life. In the future, a sensor network will survey our health, our home, the roads we follow, the office or the industry we work in or even the aircrafts we use, in an attempt to enhance our safety. However, the wireless sensor networks themselves(More)
The domain of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) applications is increasing widely over the last few years. As this new type of networking is characterized by severely constrained node resources, limited network resources and the requirement to operate in an ad hoc manner, implementing security functionality to protect against adversary nodes becomes a(More)
The primary requirements of a successful wireless sensor network security architecture are confidentiality, integrity and authentication. Most of these security objectives can be addressed using appropriate hash functions and cryptography schemes. By applying these mechanisms, the energy consumption increases, shortening the sensor node lifetime. On the(More)
The wireless visual sensor networks (WVSN) target a large variety of distributed, wireless, streaming multimedia networking applications' areas, ranging from home surveillance to military and deep space applications. However, there are a number of open issues that have to be carefully realized before visual sensor webs become widely available. In this(More)
— A lot of effort has been spent in securing the routing procedure in Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) since this is accomplished in a cooperative way and is vital for the communication of the sensors with the base station which collects the sensed data. The communication over wireless links in combination with the ad hoc organization introduces(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are becoming more and more popular and offer a wide set of solutions invading our life. As the research community is working towards integrating them in the so-called " Internet of Things " , the capability to reconfigure them provides an unprecedented flexibility allowing for the flexible use of all available resources of different(More)
Visual Sensor Networks (VSN) are considered among the most demanding future mesh networks. Typical applications include Surveillance, Monitoring & Discovery, Remote Control. In this paper, we set up a laboratory environment, using the DRK8080 Wireless Mobile Animated Head system, and a number of stationary nodes, in order to study the case of streaming in(More)
Future Internet is expected to incorporate large volumes of diverse sensing devices organized in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and reacting upon real-world phenomena. Security has attracted significant research efforts converging to trust management systems, in which nodes trust establishment is based on both direct observations and recommendations of(More)