Theodore V. Theodosopoulos

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Many studies report the level of total viral DNA in HIV-infected patients, but few studies report the level of integrated DNA. It is important to measure integrated DNA in HIV-infected patients because the information could shed light on the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy, especially intensified therapy, when viral loads may remain undetectable. In(More)
We consider the problem of identification of linear systems in the presence of measurement noise which is unknown but bounded in magnitude by some 6 > 0. We focus on the case of linear systems with a finite impulse response. It is known that the optimal identification error is related (within a factor of 2) to the diameter of a so-called uncertainty set and(More)
For a class of stochastic restart algorithms we address the effect of a nonzero level of randomization in maximizing the convergence rate for general energy landscapes. The resulting characterization of the optimal level of randomization is investigated computationally for random as well as parametric families of rugged energy landscapes.
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