Theodore Tsoukalas

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PURPOSE This study examined federal and state civil money penalties and fines collected from nursing homes and how states used the collected funds. DESIGN AND METHODS We used a telephone survey of state officials, Freedom of Information Act requests, state Web site searches, and stakeholder interviews to describe the funds collected, the availability and(More)
Case study methodology was used to investigate the tobacco industry's strategies to fight local tobacco control efforts in Duluth, Minn. The industry opposed the clean indoor air ordinance indirectly through allies and front groups and directly in a referendum. Health groups failed to win a strong ordinance because they framed it as a youth issue rather(More)
PURPOSE The study examined factors associated with state variations in the use of federal and state civil money penalties (CMPs) for nursing homes. DESIGN AND METHODS We collected federal and state CMP data from state survey and certification agencies for 2004. We also used federal CMP data from the federal enforcement action database for 2000-2004.(More)
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