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OBJECTIVE The objective was to evaluate the beta-globin gene mutations and polymorphisms in cell-free fetal DNA in the early first trimester (7-9th weeks' gestation) for the prediction of thalassemia risk at chorionic villous sampling (CVS). STUDY DESIGN Beta-globin gene mutations and polymorphisms were analyzed in 97 carrier families and 100 control(More)
An inadequate supply of primary care providers is leading to a crisis in access. Pressures are being placed on primary care practices to increase panel sizes. The impact of these pressures on clinical processes, patient satisfaction and waiting times is largely unknown, although evidence from recent literature shows that longer waiting time results in(More)
To determine the accuracy of hysteroscopy in diagnosing endometrial cancer, hyperplasia, polyps and submucous myomas. Relevant articles were retrieved from the MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library (1986–2011). Studies were selected blindly. Results for diagnostic accuracy were extracted to form separate 2 × 2 tables (for endometrial cancer, hyperplasia, polyps(More)
Problems of fairness in prospective payment have existed since the inception of this regulatory method in the early 1980s. While prospective payment ostensibly has sought to reward efficient producers and provide disincentives for inefficient producers of health care, many hospitals have been penalized financially as a consequence of facing systematic(More)
This article estimates excess costs associated with postoperative complications among inpatients treated in Veterans Health Administration (VA) hospitals. The authors conducted an observational study on 43,822 hospitalizations involving inpatient surgery in one of 104 VA hospitals during fiscal year 2007. Hospitalization-level cost regression analyses were(More)
This paper estimates the excess cost of hospital inpatient care due to adverse safety events in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals during fiscal year 2007. We measured adverse events according to the Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) algorithms of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Patient level cost regression analyses were(More)
This paper is an examination of hospital 30-day readmission costs using data from 119 acute care hospitals operated by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) in fiscal year 2011. We applied a two-part model that linked readmission probability to readmission cost to obtain patient level estimates of expected readmission cost for VA patients overall, and for(More)
Despite the well-established role of hypoxia in cancer biology, the literature on its effects on endometrial cancer is scarce; it mainly refers to experimental settings rather than patient-derived results. Herein, an overview of the hypoxia inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α) biology, focusing on endometrial cancer, is presented. The molecular mechanisms possibly(More)
In this article, the authors estimate a multiple-output cost function for a sample of 2,235 hospitals during the period 1984-88 to disaggregate total costs into inpatient and outpatient components. The results suggest that outpatient cost growth is roughly proportional to that of inpatient cost, despite much higher relative growth in revenues and(More)
This paper explores the relationship between the cost and quality of hospital care from the perspective of applied microeconomics. It addresses both theoretical and practical complexities entailed in incorporating hospital quality into the estimation of hospital cost functions. That literature is extended with an empirical analysis that examines the use of(More)