Theodore Skarlas

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We report the first successful direct and unequivocal identification and quantification of four minor geometric (9-cis, 11-trans) 18:2, (9-trans, 11-cis) 18:2, (9-cis, 11-cis) 18:2 and (9-trans, 11-trans) 18:2 conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) isomers in lipid fractions of lyophilized milk samples with the combined use of 1D (1)H-NMR, 2D (1)H-(1)H TOCSY and 2D(More)
Modulation of protein-protein interactions involved in the immune system by using small molecular mimics of the contact interfaces may lead to the blockage of the autoimmune response and the development of drugs for immunotherapy. The nonpolymorphic beta-regions, exposed to the microenvironment, of the modeled HLA-DQ7, which is genetically linked to(More)
The influenza virus, major surface glycoprotein hemagglutinin (HA) is one of the principal targets for the development of protective immunity. Aiming at contributing to the development of a vaccine that remains the first choice for prophylactic intervention, a reconstituted model of HA, mimicking its antigenic properties was designed, synthesized and tested(More)
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