Theodore Sanders

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Patients with carotid body tumors require accurate preoperative assessment of vessel involvement and the probable impact of interrupting blood flow through the internal carotid artery. Recent developments in imaging, methods of measuring cerebral blood flow, balloon occlusion testing, and techniques to maintain vascular flow when a graft is required have(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS It is a challenge to determine the dynamics of stem cells within human epithelial tissues such as colonic crypts. By tracking methylation patterns of nonexpressed genes, we have been able to determine how rapidly individual stem cells became dominant within a human colonic crypt. We also analyzed methylation patterns to study clonal(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether age-related mitochondrial DNA mutations occur in the human larynx. STUDY DESIGN Genetic study of cadaveric larynx specimens. METHODS Vocal fold mucosa, thyroarytenoid muscle, and cricoarytenoidjoint tissue were harvested from 13 fresh postmortem larynges (age range, 2 d-82 y). DNA was extracted from each sample, and the(More)
With the use of tissue-expansion techniques, it is possible to elongate the facial nerve without impairing its function. The rate of expansion is limited by ischemic events imposed by stretching of the nerve and by anatomic characteristics of the nerve segment. In this study, we used various electroneurography techniques to determine the first sign of(More)
PURPOSE While most clinicians agree that fitting of rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses is the preferred treatment strategy for some types of patients, many patients have difficulty adapting to full-time daily wear of these lenses. The Contact Lens Extended Wear Study (CLEWS) is a randomized, controlled clinical trial in which subjects are first adapted to(More)
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