Theodore S. Turner

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An imaging, variable-retardance, Fourier-transform spectropolarimeter is presented that is capable of creating spectropolarimetric images of scenes with independent characterization of spatial, spectral, and polarimetric information. The device has a spectral resolution of approximately 225 cm(-1), making it truly hyperspectral in nature. Images of(More)
The structures of the polar surfaces of ZnO are studied using ab initio calculations and surface x-ray diffraction. The experimental and theoretical relaxations are in good agreement. The polar surfaces are shown to be very stable; the cleavage energy for the (0001)-Zn and (0001;)-O surfaces is 4.0 J/m(2) comparable to 2.32 J/m(2) for the most stable(More)
Variable coherence tomography (VCT) was recently developed by Baleine and Dogariu for the purpose of directly sensing the second-order statistical properties of a randomly scattering volume [J. Opt. Soc. Am. A21, 1917 (2004)]. In this paper we generalize the theory of VCT to include polarized inputs and anisotropic scatterers. In general the measurement of(More)
Diffraction tomography can directly probe the second-order statistical properties of a random scattering volume. In many sensing tasks, these second-order correlations are all that is necessary to perform classification. In this paper we have generalized the theory of diffraction tomography to include polarized input fields and scattering from anisotropic(More)
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