Theodore Petsatodis

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This paper proposes a robust voice activity detector (VAD) based on the observation that the distribution of speech captured with far-field microphones is highly varying, depending on the noise and reverberation conditions. The proposed VAD employs a convex combination scheme comprising three statistical distributions - a Gaussian, a Laplacian, and a(More)
HERMES aims at alleviating the elderly decline in both declarative and prospective memory, based on a set of ambient daily support and cognitive training applications. Its applications comprise memory aids and cognitive training games, both of which are presented in the paper. The paper introduces also the motivation of the HERMES project and applications.(More)
Voice Activity Detection (VAD) in acoustic environments remains a challenging task due to potentially adverse noise and reverberation conditions. The problem becomes even more difficult when the microphones used to detect speech reside far from the speaker. An unsupervised VAD scheme is presented in this paper. The system is based on processing signals(More)
Particle filters allow for visual trackers with nonlinear measurements. In this paper we consider three different non-linear visual measurement cues, based on object detection, foreground segmentation and colour matching. Novel ways to obtain robust measurement likelihoods under a unified representation scheme are discussed, followed by a likelihood(More)
The emerging surface computing trend is a key enabler for a wide range of ergonomic interfaces and applications. Surface computing interfaces are considered appropriate toward facilitating elderly interaction with ICT devices and services. In this paper, the authors present the development of an innovative low-cost multi-surface device and its application(More)
Speech processing systems often operate in noisy and reverberant environments. Their operation is subject to the accuracy of the underlying noise reduction algorithm, that aims to reduce noise present in the signals that are captured by the employed microphones. Under adverse conditions a noise reduction scheme, failing to perform adequately, will produce(More)
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