Theodore L. Einstein

2William G Cullen
2John D Weeks
2Michael S Fuhrer
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Single-layer graphene (SLG) supported on SiO(2) shows anomalously large chemical reactivity compared to thicker graphene, with charge inhomogeneity-induced potential fluctuations or topographic corrugations proposed as the cause. Here we systematically probe the oxidative reactivity of graphene supported on substrates with different surface roughnesses and(More)
Keywords: A1. Crystal morphology A1. Growth models A1. Low dimensional structures A1. Surface structure A2. Single crystal growth a b s t r a c t We have argued that the capture-zone distribution (CZD) in submonolayer growth can be well described by the generalized Wigner distribution (GWD) PðsÞ ¼ as β expðÀbs 2 Þ, where s is the CZ area divided by its(More)
A limited number of openings are available. A limited number of openings are available. This program will bring together leading physicists, materials scientists, computational scientists, and applied mathematicians to: (i) Review the recent developments in research on materials surfaces and interfaces, from experimental highlights to theory to simulation(More)
The technological goal of optimizing the controlled deposition of atomic monolayers is simplifi ed by studying models of deposition of larger colloids. T he performance of semiconductors in device applications often depends on their crystallinity—the grain boundaries and defects of a polycrystalline material interfere with transport of charge carriers.(More)
with typo corrections shown in blue. Apologies for any transcription errors may remain; they will be corrected when recognized. Progress in computing the interactions between small numbers, even pairs, of chemisorbed atoms has been remarkably slow because of the very low symmetry of the problem. In contrast, the energetics of monolayers of adatoms, which(More)
Investigation of ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric films at nanoscale is not only of fundamental interest, but also critical to their applications as non-volatile ferroelectric memories and as microsensors and microactuators for microelectromechanical systems. Both intrinsic and extrinsic effects play a role in determining film(More)
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This dissertation reports the study of complex systems from two very different fields. The dissertation is divided into two parts. The first part involves study of angular magnetoresistance in quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors and graphene bilayers (chapter 2 and 3). The second part is devoted to the modeling and empirical study of personal income(More)
In this thesis a systematic, functional matrix field theory is developed to describe both clean and disordered s-wave and d-wave superconductors and the quantum phase transitions associated with them. The thesis can be divided into three parts. The first part includes chapters 1 to 3. In chapter one a general physical introduction is given. In chapters two(More)