Theodore H. Whitfield

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This is the first prospective study to investigate psychosocial adjustment in male and female former child soldiers (ages 10-18; n = 156, 12% female). The study began in Sierra Leone in 2002 and was designed to examine both risk and protective factors in psychosocial adjustment. Over the 2-year period of follow-up, youth who had wounded or killed others(More)
OBJECTIVES Yoga and exercise have beneficial effects on mood and anxiety. γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)-ergic activity is reduced in mood and anxiety disorders. The practice of yoga postures is associated with increased brain GABA levels. This study addresses the question of whether changes in mood, anxiety, and GABA levels are specific to yoga or related to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study estimated the risk of recurrence of mood episodes among women with a history of bipolar disorder who continued or discontinued treatment with mood stabilizers during pregnancy. METHOD In a prospective observational clinical cohort study, the authors determined recurrence risk and survival-analysis-based time to recurrence of a new(More)
Treatment dropout is a problem of great prevalence and stands as an obstacle to recovery in cocaine-dependent (CD) individuals. Treatment attrition in CD individuals may result from impairments in cognitive control, which can be reliably measured by the Stroop color-word interference task. The present analyses contrasted baseline performance on the(More)
OBJECTIVE Current practice guidelines discourage use of lithium during breast-feeding, despite limited data. This study aimed to quantify lithium exposure in nursing infants. METHOD In 10 mother-infant pairs, the authors obtained assays of lithium in maternal serum, breast milk, and infant serum and indices of infant renal and thyroid function. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVE This study ascertained family planning decisions by women with bipolar disorder after psychiatric consultation. METHOD The authors surveyed 116 women with DSM-IV bipolar disorder after specialized consultation about treatment options and risks regarding pregnancy. RESULTS Of 70 respondents, 45% had been advised to avoid pregnancy by a health(More)
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death due, in part, to lack of early diagnostic tools. Bronchoscopy represents a relatively noninvasive initial diagnostic test in smokers with suspect disease, but it has low sensitivity. We have reported a gene expression profile in cytologically normal large airway epithelium obtained via bronchoscopic(More)
OBJECTIVE Outcome investigations of prenatal maternal depression and psychotropic exposure rely extensively on maternal retrospective recall. This study compared postnatal recall to prospective documentation of illness and medication exposures. DESIGN Prospective cohort and retrospective case-control studies. SETTING Emory Women's Mental Health Program(More)
We surveyed opinions and recommendations about perinatal anticonvulsant (AC) treatment among 166 neurologists (n = 88) and psychiatrists (n = 78) practicing in Massachusetts. They were similar in the recommendation of routinely informing patients of potential teratogenic risks of ACs and avoiding valproate during pregnancy. Neurologists were more likely to(More)