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Consider a committee which must select one alternative from a set of three or more alternatives. Committee members each cast a ballot which the voting procedure counts. The voting procedure is strategy-proof if it always induces every committee member to cast a ballot revealing his preference. I prove three theorems. First, every strategy-proof voting(More)
Earlier versions of this paper were presented in Oslo as a plenary address to the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, as an invited paper at the Japanese Form on Environmental Valuation meeting in Kobe, and at a NOAA conference on stated preference methods. Support of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cooperative agreement(More)
The increasing concern with bioaerosols in large office buildings prompted this prospective study of airborne fungal concentrations in a newly constructed building on the Gulf coast. We collected volumetric culture plate air samples on 14 occasions over the 18-month period immediately following building occupancy. On each sampling occasion, we collected(More)
Biolog's identification system was used to identify 39 American Type Culture Collection reference taxa and 45 gram-negative isolates from water samples. Of the reference strains, 98% were identified to genus level and 76% to species level within 4 to 24 h. Identification of some authentic strains of Enterobacter, Klebsiella, and Serratia was unreliable. (More)
We consider the problem of simultaneous bitrate allocation for multiple video streams. Current methods for multiplexing video streams often rely on identifying the relative complexity of the video streams to improve the combined overall quality. In such methods, not all the videos benefit from the multiplexing process. Typically, the quality of high motion(More)
OVERVIEW In June of 2000, forty-four scientists gathered in Tempe, Arizona to discuss the needs and priorities for interdisciplinary environmental research, spanning natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and humanities. Attendees came from over a dozen different fields, and represented thirty-one institutions. This report presents the consensus(More)
We consider the problem of bit-rate allocation for multiple video users sharing a common transmission channel. Previously, overall quality of multiple users was improved by exploiting relative video complexity. Users with high-complexity video benefit at the expense of video quality reduction for other users with simpler videos. The quality of all users can(More)