Theodore E. Meyer

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The development of models and analysis of modeling results usually requires that models be run many times. Very few modelers are satisfied with the computing resources available to do sensitivity studies, validation and verification, measurement of effectiveness analysis, and related necessary activities. Fortunately, <i>high performance computing</i>, in(More)
Data Farming, network applications and approaches to integrate network analysis and processes to the data farming paradigm are presented as approaches to address complex system questions. Data Farming is a quantified approach that examines questions in large possibility spaces using modeling and simulation. It evaluates whole landscapes of outcomes to draw(More)
Data Farming is a methodology and capability that makes use of high performance computing to run models many times. This capability gives modelers and their clients the enhanced ability to discover trends and outlier in results, do sensitivity studies, verify and validate over extended ranges of input parameters, and consider modeling and analyzing(More)
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