Theodore Dreisinger

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STUDY DESIGN A comparison of treatment of 412 patients with chronic back pain at two separate centers using the same treatment protocols and outcome measures. Outcome was defined by specific strength testing; Short Form-36 scores at intake, discharge, and 1-year follow-up; self-appraisal of improvement at discharge and in a 1-year follow-up; and reuse of(More)
Self-report measures of functional ability are commonly used in occupational rehabilitation to measure the current status of an individual and his or her progress in response to intervention. Most of these measures have been developed using classical test theory that does not provide calibration of the items. Methods of test development that originated in(More)
There have been no reports in the literature objectively measuring changes in strength and range of motion in patients with non-spinal-cord injuries of the cervical spine. Ninety patients participated in an 8-week training study. Diagnostic groups included patients with the following: degenerative disc (n = 6), herniated disc (n = 14), and cervical strain(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if patients recommended for spinal surgery can avoid the surgery through an aggressive strengthening program. SETTING A privately owned clinic, staffed by physicians and physical therapists, that provides treatment for patients with neck and/or back pain. METHODS Over a period of 2 1/2 years, consecutive patients referred to the(More)
Back pain affects millions of people. It affects 80% of the population and up to 52% at any given time. Back pain is not limited to sedentary individuals; it has significant effects on athletes as well. Depending upon the sport, incidence rates of back pain occur in athletes from 1.1% to as high as 30%. Athletes differ from the non-athletic population in(More)
It is important to consider what performance testing can tell us and what it cannot. A performance test is a "snapshot" which says something about the ability of a patient to execute a specific task. This snapshot is reflective of only that moment in time. If there are no other available tests or there are no normative data from which to formulate a sound(More)
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