Theodore Colton

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From 1940 through the 1960s, diethylstilbestrol (DES), a synthetic oestrogen, was given to pregnant women to prevent pregnancy complications and losses. Subsequent studies showed increased risks of reproductive tract abnormalities, particularly vaginal adenocarcinoma, in exposed daughters. An increased risk of breast cancer in the DES-exposed mothers was(More)
Infant polysomnography (IPSG) is an increasingly important procedure for studying infants with sleep and breathing disorders. Since analyses of these IPSG data are subjective, an equally important issue is the reliability or strength of agreement among scorers (especially among experienced clinicians) of sleep parameters (SP) and sleep states (SS). One(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether infants at sleep in the prone side positions are at higher risk for an extreme cardiorespiratory event compared with infants at sleep in the supine position. STUDY DESIGN We used a case-control study to compare sleep position, determined with an accelerometer, in 116 infants during an extreme cardiorespiratory event with(More)
Polynomials are very simple mathematical functions which have the flexibility to represent very general nonlinear relationships. Approximation of more complicated functions by polynomials is a basic building block for many numerical techniques. This article considers two distinct but related applications. The first is polynomial regression in which(More)
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