Theodore Chadjipadelis

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In this longitudinal study, five adult Down's syndrome patients with periodontitis were placed on a frequent recall visit schedule (every 6 weeks) after treatment, in order to investigate: 1) the microbiological status, both supragingivally and subgingivally, and the changes that occurred after treatment and 2) the effect of frequent professional(More)
In the framework of teachers' training in primary education, the Greek Universities took the responsibility of organizing and operating special courses. The Aristotle University had the responsibility of the operation of such study programs for 12000 teachers who work in a distance up to 120 km from its area (the city of Thessaloniki). In the fist phase of(More)
In this paper we focus on the part of the compulsory mathematics education curriculum in Greece, which concerns the collection, analysis, organization and presentation of information, namely statistical data. Statistics can be used as an organization tool for class activities aimed at the understanding of statistics, and/or as a methodological frame for the(More)
The majority of mathematics teachers have received a purely formalistic education, with little, if any, specific training in probability and statistics. Their formalist mathematical background has a negative effect on their statistical reasoning and their development as teachers of statistics. In the paper, we describe EarlyStatistics, an online(More)
In this paper the problem of pre-service teachers' approaches in solving tasks in probability distributions is discussed. Statistical data were obtained from 98 Greek pre-service teachers from the Western Macedonia University that formed the experimental group and 132 Greek pre-service teachers from Macedonia University that form the control group, enrolled(More)
DISCUSSION Wang's interesting paper about teaching and using stochastic processes shows that estimating and using transition probabilities is essential, especially in political and social sciences. Predicting the behaviour of a structure (e.g. an educational system, the World Wide Web, a traffic network, an academic organisation) by using stochastic(More)
Modern teaching methods require students to be active participants in the learning process. Assigning projects to students sets a frame which cultivates the interactivity between the instructor and the students and motivates the students to explore the field. The objective of this paper is to present the results from the use of individual directed projects(More)
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