Theodore Booker

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Quality improvement programs promoting depression screening and appropriate treatment can significantly reduce racial and ethnic disparities in mental-health care and outcomes. However, promoting the adoption of quality-improvement strategies requires more than the simple knowledge of their potential benefits. To better understand depression issues in(More)
OBJECTIVES We used community-partnered participatory research (CPPR) to measure collective efficacy and its role as a precursor of community engagement to improve depression care in the African American community of South Los Angeles. METHODS We collected survey data from participants at arts events sponsored by a CPPR workgroup. Both exploratory(More)
Several rodent species were blinded and their two-way avoidance behavior was compared to unoperated controls. Blindness facilitated avoidance learning in BALB/cJ mice, impaired learning in hamsters and had no significant effect on albino rats, hooded rats and chinchillas. Effects of blindness upon intertrial locomotor activity correlated well with effects(More)
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