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The mechanism by which events in the angiosperm cell wall are communicated to the cytoplasm is not well characterized. A family of five Arabidopsis wall-associated kinases (WAKs) have the potential to provide a physical and signaling continuum between the cell wall and the cytoplasm. The WAKs have an active cytoplasmic protein kinase domain, span the plasma(More)
STUDY DESIGN biomechanical testing of the strength and stability of lumbosacral fixation constructs. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to quantify and compare the biomechanical properties of five different lumbosacral fixation constructs and determine the benefit of adding supplementary fixation to S1 screws. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Extension(More)
STUDY DESIGN Spinal cord monitoring has used both spine and scalp recordings as indicators of spinal cord integrity. The relative merits of spine or scalp recordings to predict the quality of the afferent volley in the somatosensory pathway were addressed in this study by using various stimulus intensities as a way to model alterations of the size of the(More)
The N-cyclopropylmethyl derivative of azidomorphine (CAM) was found to have strong opiate agonist and antagonist activity, in various in vitro and in vivo animal tests. The derivatives of azidomorphine were not only more potent analgesics than the corresponding members of the morphine family but their lipid solubility was also markedly improved: the ratios(More)
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