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BACKGROUND Although previous epidemiological studies have shown that women with endometriosis are more likely to be thinner and underweight, it is currently not clear whether this is a true characteristic of women who develop endometriosis or a consequence of their disease and its symptoms. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between(More)
Using information from research on the neuroplasticity of selective attention and on the central role of successful parenting in child development, we developed and rigorously assessed a family-based training program designed to improve brain systems for selective attention in preschool children. One hundred forty-one lower socioeconomic status preschoolers(More)
Working memory (WM) is a limited capacity system that permeates nearly all levels of cognition, ranging from perceptual awareness to intelligence. Through behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroimaging work, substantial gains have been made in understanding this capacity-limited system. In the current work, we examined genetic contributions to the(More)
While a growing body of research has identified experiential factors associated with differences in selective attention, relatively little is known about the contribution of genetic factors to the skill of sustained selective attention, especially in early childhood. Here, we assessed the association between the serotonin transporter linked polymorphic(More)
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