Theodor Freiheit

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The vibration characteristics of shell structures such as eyes have been shown to vary with intraocular pressure (IOP). Therefore, vibration characteristics of the eye have the potential to provide improved correlation to IOP over traditional IOP measurements. As background to examine an improved IOP correlation, this paper develops a finite element model(More)
The productivity of a manufacturing system is greatly influenced by the configuration of the manufacturing system. This paper examines the importance of configuration on productivity , and the improvements that can be obtained by bufferless parallel-serial configurations , i.e. multiple machining lines in parallel, both with and without crossover between(More)
Using parallelism in bufferless production lines can improve productivity, with significant productivity gains achieved with crossover. However, including crossover in the line implies additional material-handling requirements that may reduce the availability of the system. This paper examines if parallel systems with crossover between the stages are more(More)
Antihypertensive drugs influence the sympathetic nervous system in different ways that may cause adverse or beneficial effects. We treated 48 hypertensive patients with either nitrendipine (10-20 mg twice daily, b.i.d.) or captopril (25-50 mg b.i.d.) for 16 weeks to evaluate changes in plasma catecholamines, platelet alpha 2- and lymphocyte beta(More)
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