Theodor A. Lang

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One hundred fifteen patients with cloudy posterior capsules that required capsulotomies were evaluated by laser interferometry. The predicted acuity was within one line of postoperative acuity in 44 patients (38.3%) and within two lines in 73 patients (63.5%). The correlation coefficient between the predicted and actual post-capsulotomy acuities was 0.38.(More)
It is shown, by means of an example, i.e., a 1600-ton/day four-stage suspension preheater kiln of a cement factory, that the waste heat present in the exhaust gases can be converted into useful electrical and thermal energy. This is possible even though the exhaust gases are heavily loaded with dust. The heat recovery system installed in 1981/1982 in a(More)
Twelve traditional Japanese resuscitation methods, called Katsu, are described, and their history and medical aspects are compared with those of traditional Western methods of manual resuscitation. Five katsu, developed parallel to but independently of traditional Western methods, are inferior to CPR and are of historical interest only. Seven katsu not(More)
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