Theocharis Theocharides

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434 0740-7475/05/$20.00 © 2005 IEEE Copublished by the IEEE CS and the IEEE CASS IEEE Design & Test of Computers AS DEVICES SHRINK toward the nanometer scale, on-chip interconnects are becoming a critical bottleneck in meeting performance and power consumption requirements of chip designs. Industry and academia recognize the interconnect problem as an(More)
The increased deployment of System-on-Chip designs has drawn attention to the limitations of on-chip interconnects. As a potential solution to these limitations, Networks-on -Chip (NoC) have been proposed. The NoC routing algorithm significantly influences the performance and energy consumption of the chip. We propose a router architecture which utilizes(More)
Face detection is the first step towards face recognition and is a vital task in surveillance and security applications. Current software implementations of face detection algorithms lack the computational ability to support detection in real time video streams. Consequently, this work focuses on the design of special-purpose hardware for performing(More)
Networks-on-chip (NoC), a new SoC paradigm, has been proposed as a solution to mitigate complex on-chip interconnect problems. NoC architecture consists of a collection of IP cores or processing elements (PEs) interconnected by on-chip switching fabrics or routers. Hardware virtualization, which maps logic processing units onto PEs, affects the power(More)
Low-density parity check codes are a form of error correcting codes used in various wireless communication applications and in disk drives. While LDPC codes are desirable due to their ability to achieve near Shannon-limit communication channel capacity, the computational complexity of the decoder is a major concern. LDPC decoding consists of a series of(More)
Hotspots are network-on-chip (NoC) routers or modules in multicore systems which occasionally receive packetized data from other networked element producers at a rate higher than they can consume it. This adverse phenomenon may greatly reduce the performance of NoCs, especially when wormhole flow-control is employed, as backpressure can cause the buffers of(More)
Manycore architectures are expected to dominate future general-purpose and application-specific computing systems. The everincreasing number of on-chip processor cores and the associated interconnect complexities present significant challenges in the design, optimization and operation of these systems. In this paper we investigate the applicability of(More)