Theobald Reich

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Interface between restorative materials and tooth hard substances must be morphologically as perfect as possible to avoid plaque accumulation and subsequent secondary caries or pulpal diseases. Therefore the marginal behavior of restorations is an important parameter to predict their longevity. Morphologically, the quality of margins is characterized by(More)
A method is presented for evaluating the accuracy of 3-D reconstruction of the distribution of single-photon emitters in the brain. The method is free of the constraints of convolution-type error analysis and allows evaluation of attenuation, inverse square, and collimation effects. The approach may also be used to evaluate the error in transmission(More)
XANES (X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy) has been employed to evaluate the efficacy of a process designed to encapsulate and reduce TcO4in cement matrices, thereby immobilizing Tc. The oxidation state of Se following. bioremediation of Se by bacteria has also been determined by XANES. The XANES measurements were performed at the Stanford Synchrotron(More)
The rate of convergence of Walsh functions and sine functions to recorded blood pressure waves was determined to evaluate the applicability of Walsh functions for spectral analysis of pulsatile blood pressure. The advantages of Walsh function series for such analysis are that their calculation is much faster and can be performed on small computers. Walsh(More)
Mercury-in-rubber strain gauges are used in plethysmography for determining changes in the volume of various parts of the body from changes in their girth. Temperature also affects the output of the gauge, but a temperature compensating element is required only infrequently. Error resulting from the change in resistance due to the change in temperature of(More)
The local structures of U(V1) oxide precipitates produced as a function of LiOH concentration have been studied by XAFS. Curve-fitting analyses indicate that the solid formed in 0.1 M LiOH is similar to a schoepite-like phase where distinct linear uranyl ions (UO?) are bridged along the equator by OH ions. At higher LiOH concentrations, the uranyl groups(More)
In argillaceous rocks, which are considered as a potential host rock for nuclear waste repositories, sorption and diffusion processes govern the migration behaviour of actinides like neptunium. For the safety analysis of such a repository, a molecular-level understanding of the transport and retardation phenomena of radioactive contaminants in the host rock(More)
Carbonate and bicarbonate are the common anions found in significant concentrations in many natural waters, and are exceptionally strong complexation agents for actinide ions. Seepage, flooding and mining waters from the uranium mining area in the south-east of Germany (Saxony and Thuringia) contain relatively high amounts of magnesium, calcium, carbonate(More)
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