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One metastable linkage nitrosyl isomer can be generated in [Pt(NH(3))(4)Cl(NO)]Cl(2) by irradiation with light in the red spectral range. The potential energy barrier for the thermal relaxation of the metastable state to the ground state has an amount of E(A) = (0.27 +/- 0.03) eV. The decay follows the Arrhenius law and E(A) is independent of temperature.(More)
Multiple light-induced reversible metastable NO linkage isomers (PLIs) have been detected in the dinitrosyl compound [RuCl(NO)2(PPh3)2]BF4 by a combination of photocrystallographic and IR analysis. The IR signature of three PLI states has been clearly identified, with estimated populations of 59% (PLI-1), 8% (PLI-2) and 5% (PLI-3) for a total population of(More)
The structure of a crystal of Sr(0.61)Ba(0.39)Nb(2)O(6) has been solved and refined as an incommensurate structure in five-dimensional superspace. The structure is tetragonal, superspace group P4bm(pp1/2,p - p1/2), unit-cell parameters a = 12.4566 (9), c = 7.8698 (6) A, modulation vectors q(1) = 0.3075 (6) (a* + b*), q(2) = 0.3075 (6) (a* - b*). The data(More)
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