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A continuum computation is proposed for the bending stress stabilizing DNA that is hexagonally packed within bacteriophage T7. Because the inner radius of the DNA spool is rather small, the stress of the curved DNA genome is strong enough to balance its electrostatic self-repulsion so as to form a stable hexagonal phase. The theory is in accord with the(More)
  • Theo Odijk
  • 2008
A scaling analysis is presented of the statistics of long DNA confined in nanochannels and nanoslits. It is argued that there are several regimes in between the de Gennes and Odijk limits introduced long ago. The DNA chain folds back on itself giving rise to a global persistence length that may be very large owing to entropic deflection. Moreover, there is(More)
  • Theo Odijk
  • 2004
Several controversial issues concerning the packing of linear DNA in bacteriophages and globules are discussed. Exact relations for the osmotic pressure, capsid pressure and loading force are derived in terms of the hole size inside phages under the assumption that the DNA globule has a uniform density. A new electrostatic model is introduced for computing(More)
A theory is presented of the elongation of double-stranded DNA confined in a nanochannel based on a study of the formation of hairpins. A hairpin becomes constrained as it approaches the wall of a channel which leads to an entropic force causing the hairpin to tighten. The DNA in the hairpin remains double-stranded. The free energy of the hairpin is(More)
A theory is presented of the longitudinal dispersion of DNA under equilibrium confined in a nanochannel. Orientational fluctuations of the DNA chain build up to give rise to substantial fluctuations of the coil in the longitudinal direction of the channel. The translational and orientational degrees of freedom of the polymer are described by the Green(More)
The dynamics of water and chloride counter ions (Cl-) in single unit cells of orthorhombic and tetragonal hen egg white lysozyme lattices are investigated by 5 ns molecular dynamics simulations. The electrostatic interaction inside the crystal channel significantly influences the diffusion of chloride ions. The corresponding diffusion constants of(More)
  • Theo Odijk
  • 2009
The depletion theory of nanoparticles immersed in a semidilute polymer solution is reinterpreted in terms of depleted chains of polymer segments. Limitations and extensions of mean-field and scaling theories are discussed. An explicit expression for the interaction between two small spheres is also reviewed. The depletion free energy for a particle of(More)
A theory is presented for lambdaC, the coefficient of the first-order correction in the density of the collective diffusion coefficient, for protein spheres interacting by electrostatic and adhesive forces. An extensive numerical analysis of the Stokesian hydrodynamics of two moving spheres is given so as to gauge the precise impact of lubrication forces.(More)