Theo H. J. Muller

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Rhesus D category VI (DVI) is the clinically most important partial D. DVI red blood cells were assumed to possess very low RhD antigen density and to be caused by two RHD-CE-D hybrid alleles. Because there was no population-based work-up, we screened three populations in central Europe for DVI. Twenty-six DVI samples were detected and examined by(More)
Holding buses to scheduled departure time at timepoints involves a tradeoff between reliability and speed, with impacts on user and operating cost. Two new measures of user cost, excess waiting time and potential travel time, are proposed. They relate to the early extreme of a bus’s departure time distribution from a passenger’s origin stop, and the late(More)
To cope with the demand for mobility, which will further increase in the future, the infrastructure has to be used more efficiently. Therefore network operation control is needed to interfere with the traffic. The basis of operational control should be an accurate online estimation of the actual traffic situation and a prediction of the future. The(More)
Mostly, microscopic simulation models are calibrated with macroscopic measurement data, like flow and speed, which says nothing about the accuracy of the individual driving behavior of the vehicle – driver combinations. The microscopic online simulator MiOS is extended with a driving behavior model based on equipped vehicle and floating car data. It is(More)
We performed studies to determine the relationship between injured vessel wall thrombogenicity, vessel wall 13-hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid (13-HODE) synthesis and cAMP levels in rabbit treated with salicylate or dipyridamole. Injured vessel wall thrombogenicity was measured as the number of 3H-adenine labelled platelets adhered to the subendothelial(More)
Cultured endothelial cells produce an extracellular matrix (ECM) which activates platelets, similarly to deendothelialized vascular segments. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was incubated with endothelial cells cultures seeded in various densities on ECM. The interaction of the platelets with this artificial intima was evaluated by phase microscopy and by(More)
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