Theo G. J. Beelen

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Robust periodic steady state analysis of autonomous oscillators based on generalized eigenvalues Abstract In this paper, we present a new gauge technique for the Newton Raphson method to solve the periodic steady state (PSS) analysis of free-running oscillators in the time domain. To find the frequency a new equation is added to the system of equations. Our(More)
Transient analysis is an important circuit simulation technique. The circuit model, which is a system of differential-algebraic equations, is solved for a given initial condition using numerical time integration techniques. Multirate methods are efficient if the dynamical behaviour of the circuit model is not uniform. 1 Introduction Analog electrical(More)
We present a powerful procedure for determining both the dominant dynamics of the input-output transfer and the corresponding most influential circuit parameters of a linear(ized) circuit. The procedure consists of several steps in which a specific (sub)problem is solved and its solution is used in the next step. We combine regression tools techniques and(More)
Most analyses of circuit equations start with solving the steady-state (DC) solution. In several cases this can be very hard. We present a novel time domain source stepping procedure to obtain a DC solution of circuit equations. The source stepping procedure is automatically adap-tive. Controlled sources can be elegantly dealt with. The method can easily be(More)
Imperfections in manufacturing processes may cause unwanted connections (faults) that are added to the nominal, “golden”, design of an electronic circuit. By fault simulation we simulate all situations: a huge number of new connections and each with many different values, up to the regime of large deviations, for the newly added element. We(More)
During the study week 2011 we worked on the question of how to automate certain aspects of the design of analog chips. Here we focused on the task of connecting different blocks with electrical wiring, which is particularly tedious to do by hand. For digital chips there is a wealth of research available for this, as in this situation the amount blocks makes(More)
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