Themistoklis Giitsidis

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Illegal migration as well as wildfires constitute commonplace situations in southern European countries, where the mountainous terrain and thick forests make the surveillance and location of these incidents a tall task. This territory could benefit from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with optical and thermal sensors in conjunction with(More)
The continuous increase of illegal migration flows to southern European countries has been recently in the spotlight of European Union due to numerous deadly incidents. Another common issue that the aforementioned countries share is the Mediterranean wildfires which are becoming more frequent due to the warming climate and increasing magnitudes of droughts.(More)
In this paper we simulate the process of disembarking in a small airplane seat layout, based on Airbus A320/ Boeing 737, in search of ways to make it faster and safer under normal evacuation conditions, as well as emergency scenarios with the help of a model based on a parallel computational tool, namely Cellular Automata (CA). In specific, several case(More)
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