Themis Omirou

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LeviPath is a modular system to levitate objects across 3D paths. It consists of two opposed arrays of transducers that create a standing wave capable of suspending objects in mid-air. To control the standing wave, the system employs a novel algorithm based on combining basic patterns of movement. Our approach allows the control of multiple beads(More)
We present JOLED, a mid-air display for interactive physical visualization using Janus objects as physical voxels. The Janus objects have special surfaces that have two or more asymmetric physical properties at different areas. In JOLED, they are levitated in mid-air and controllably rotated to reveal their different physical properties. We made voxels by(More)
Charts are graphical representations of numbers that help us to extract trends, relations and in general to have a better understanding of data. For this reason, multiple systems have been developed to display charts in a digital or physical manner. Here, we introduce Floating Charts, a modular display that utilizes acoustic levitation for positioning(More)
Inductive power transfer is a promising technology for ambient charging and powering of wearable devices without the need for direct user intervention. Existing systems typically use circular or rectangular coils built using inflexible wire and fixed into a rigid shape. This paper explores the design of receiver coils for wearable inductive power transfer.(More)
This paper presents NotiFall, an experimental prototype of an ambient auditory notification system. NotiFall uses the sound of falling water to subtly notify users for non-urgent matters, such as weather alerts or emails in an unobtrusive manner. These sounds are controlled and altered in order to convey a wider range of auditory cues and information.(More)
At present, performers need a technical team of experts to control lights, on-stage displays, and to actuate multiple devices simultaneously. All these activities have to be arranged in a complex choreography in order to allow the audience to experience the illusion of the interaction between these devices and the performer's movements. IStage is an(More)
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