Themis Balomenos

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Facial expression and hand gesture analysis plays a fundamental part in emotionally rich man-machine interaction (MMI) systems, since it employs universally accepted non-verbal cues to estimate the users’ emotional state. In this paper, we present a systematic approach to extracting expression related features from image sequences and inferring an emotional(More)
We present a system that uses ECG time series for reaching decisions regarding the user’s health status. ECG waveforms can provide us with certain features that have diagnostic value for several cases. The system consists of two modules. The first performs the analysis of the ECG data so as to extract the aforementioned features, and the second is a hybrid(More)
In many (if not all) of the domains that are related with machines’ interaction with humans the human model is considered as the ideal prototype. Adaptation of the behaviour of an application as a function of its current environment known as context awareness is clearly one of these domains. The environment can be characterized as a physical location, an(More)
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