Thembi Russell

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Understanding the introduction of farming and the adoption of Neolithic culture continues to be a major research objective in Europe. The authors make use of a new database of radiocarbon dates from Mesolithic and Neolithic sites to map the transition. While the overall effect is still a diffusion into Europe from the south-east, detailed spatial analysis(More)
We use archaeological data and spatial methods to reconstruct the dispersal of farming into areas of sub-Saharan Africa now occupied by Bantu language speakers, and introduce a new large-scale radiocarbon database and a new suite of spatial modelling techniques. We also introduce a method of estimating phylogeographic relationships from(More)
A three-dimensional finite-volume Eulerian-Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Method (ELLAM) has been developed, tested, and successfully implemented as part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) MODFLOW/MOC3D ground-water modeling package. The USGS ELLAM code simulates solute transport in ground water for a single dissolved constituent subject to advective(More)
We report on the compilation of a new geo-referenced database of Early Iron Age dates for the regions associated with the expansion of Bantu-language speaking peoples in sub-Saharan Africa. We explore the database as a source of coarse-grained evidence of ecological constraints on site location, and as a source of evidence for large-scale spatial trends in(More)
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