Thejoor V Anuradha

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We know that these days online shopping increased drastically. E-commerce is growing faster than predicted as it is up over 400% in the past 3 years. As customers have the ease to buy things without spending much time there are also criminals who try to fraud and get profit in illegal ways. Many pro-active fraud detection techniques came to reduce the(More)
With a lot of medical data coming from various sources, steer decisions can be made from the insights expand through big data by using various Machine Learning Algorithms. Traditionally, physicians use their knowledge while making treatment assessments, but in the last few years there has been a shift towards evidence-based medicine. This involves(More)
BACKGROUND There is a great need for echocardiographic criterions for accurate diagnosis of carditis in acute rheumatic fever. AIM To test the efficacy of proposed echocardiographic criterions for the diagnosis of carditis. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 333 patients suspected of having acute rheumatic fever, undertaking detailed clinical examination,(More)
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