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In the resonance ratio control, the estimation speed of the disturbance observer should have been much faster than the resonance frequency of the controlled system. However, too fast disturbance observer causes implementation problem. In this paper, we give the optimal speed of the disturbance estimation and propose a novel technique, slow resonance ratio(More)
—Unstable link connectivity due to dynamic mobility nature of mobile phone users and error prone wireless link quality increases end-to-end delay for mobile phone based op-portunistic network applications. This problem becomes more worse in the presence of large amount of data transmission, like multimedia data. This paper refers to Levy walk based(More)
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We have proposed a system that aggregates links between multiple mobile hosts and the internet, and improves transmission speed (SHAKE: SHAring multipath procedure for a cluster networK Environment). Because SHAKE is designed to disperse packets destined for one of mobile hosts in an ad hoc network to multiple links between the network and the ad hoc(More)
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