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Web usage mining (WUM) is a type of web mining, which exploits data mining techniques to extract valuable information from navigation behavior of World Wide Web users. The data should be preprocessed to improve the efficiency and ease of the mining process. So it is important to define before applying data mining techniques to discover user access patterns(More)
In this paper, we presented the design, implementation, and evaluation of a distributed system to manage the parallelized analytics for Aircraft Spare parts Management and Optimizations (SMO), which is a well-known problem in logistics industry. Our proposed solution is able to solve the resource-intensive SMO problem using distributed computing(More)
In spite of being provided the abundant raw data from World Wide Web (WWW), it is difficult to make any sense out of such massive data without data mining techniques. In this paper, we emphasize on the mining of web access logs, web usage data. Our propose framework is composed of five steps. The first step is defining the purposes that our multipurpose(More)
Integrated Circuit (IC) product test in semiconductor manufacturing industry is commonly conducted through the socket pogo pins contacting with the IC products. The socket pogo pins can be degraded due to repeatedly plugging-into and pulling-out from the socket. Degradation in socket pogo pins will greatly affect the accuracy of final test in semiconductor(More)
In today’s big data era, there is a tremendously huge amount of data available. Layman users lack not only the knowledge and experience in data analytics to make sense of these data but also the computational resources for executing the analytics. In this paper, we propose and develop a layman analytics system (LAS), which provides the layman users(More)
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