Theetha L. Pavankumar

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BACKGROUND The recD mutants of the Antarctic Pseudomonas syringae Lz4W are sensitive to DNA-damaging agents and fail to grow at 4 degrees C. Generally, RecD associates with two other proteins (RecB and RecC) to produce RecBCD enzyme, which is involved in homologous recombination and DNA repair in many bacteria, including Escherichia coli. However, RecD is(More)
The cognitive radio technology, a wireless system can utilize opportunistically the radio spectrum licensed to other systems. Thus, CR is regard as a solution to the troubles resulting from the limited available spectrum and the ineffectiveness in the spectrum usage. The multi-hop CR networks need some novel routing algorithms taking the open spectrum(More)
Metagenomics is a magnificent tool to isolate genes from unknown/uncharacterized species and also from organisms that cannot be cultured. In this study, we constructed a metagenomic library from isolated DNA of soil samples collected from Palamuru University campus premises, in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, India. We isolated a novel lipase gene(More)
Recent wireless systems such as EDGE, WIMAX, LTE are using LDPC, tail biting and turbo convolution codes as the forward error correction codes (FEC) for the data and overhead channels. Therefore many decoding algorithms are introduced for decoding these codes. Using different decoding approaches lead to different hardware architectures. As, in new wireless(More)
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