Theano Mintsi

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Current GUI builders provide a design environment for user interfaces that target either a single type or fixed set of devices, and provide little support for scenarios in which the user interface, or parts of it, are distributed over multiple devices. Distributed user interfaces have received increasing attention over the past years. There are different,(More)
In future, the so called ”sensing enterprise”, as part of the Future Internet, will play a crucial role in the success or the failure of an enterprise. We present our vision of an enterprise interacting with the physical world based on a retail scenario. One of the main challenges is the interoperability not only between the enterprise IT systems(More)
Linking the physical world to the Internet, also known as the Internet of Things, has increased available information and services in everyday life and in the Enterprise world. In Enterprise IT an increasing number of communication is done between IT backend systems and small IoT devices, for example sensor networks or RFID readers. This introduces some(More)
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