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Zooming user interfaces are increasingly popular on mobile devices with touch screens. Swiping and pinching finger gestures anywhere on the screen manipulate the displayed portion of a page, and taps open objects within the page. This makes navigation easy but limits other manipulations of objects that would be supported naturally by the same gestures,(More)
DOTS (Dynamic Object Tracking System) is an indoor, real-time, multi-camera surveillance system, deployed in a real office setting. DOTS combines video analysis and user interface components to enable security personnel to effectively monitor views of interest and to perform tasks such as tracking a person. The video analysis component performs(More)
Wireless networking is widespread in public places such as cafes. Unsuspecting users may become victims of attacks based on "evil twin" access points. These rogue access points are operated by criminals in an attempt to launch man-in-the-middle attacks. We present a simple protection mechanism against binding to an evil twin. The mechanism leverages short(More)
The modern workplace is inherently collaborative, and this collaboration relies on effective communication among co-workers. Many communication tools -- email, blogs, wikis, Twitter, etc. -- have become increasingly available and accepted in workplace communications. In this paper, we report on a study of communications technologies used over a one year(More)
We describe a new interaction technique that allows users to control nonlinear video playback by directly manipulating objects seen in the video. This interaction technique is similar to video "scrubbing" where the user adjusts the playback time by moving the mouse along a slider. Our approach is superior to variable-scale scrubbing in that the user can(More)
We designed an interactive visual workspace, MediaGLOW, that supports users in organizing personal and shared photo collections. The system interactively places photos with a spring layout algorithm using similarity measures based on visual, temporal, and geographic features. These similarity measures are also used for the retrieval of additional photos.(More)
A common video surveillance task is to keep track of people moving around the space being monitored. It is often difficult to track activity between cameras because locations such as hallways in office buildings can look quite similar and do not indicate the spatial proximity of the cameras. We describe a spatial video player that orients nearby video feeds(More)
Successful collaboration depends on effective communication. Ongoing group awareness facilitates communication by enabling workers to be more informed about their collaborators, about their activities, and about the interpersonal dependencies among people working together. In this paper we present MyUnity, a new system that aids workers in building group(More)
Effective communication is critical to the success of a software development project. It factors into the productivity of individuals and organizations, and has particular impact when change occurs. Yet communication is generally left unsupported by the software development process and by the communication infrastructure. We address this issue in the(More)
Modern office work practices increasingly breach traditional boundaries of time and place, increasing breakdowns workers encounter when coordinating interactions with colleagues. We conducted interviews with 12 workers and identified key problems introduced by these practices. To address these problems we developed myUnity, a fully functional platform(More)