Thea Miller

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— The Automated Transport and Retrieval System (ATRS) [1] represents an alternative to van conversions for automobile drivers with lower body disabilities. The core of ATRS is a " smart " wheelchair that navigates between the driver's position and a powered lift at the rear of the vehicle. From an automation perspective, autonomously docking the wheelchair(More)
As research described herein suggests, designing a cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) prototype that supports natural language queries in any language, and presents search results in visual category clusters, represents another step towards providing equitable access to the world community by anyone with an Internet connection and an information(More)
Focus groups tested the appropriateness of a seventeen-element categorization model for uniquely identifying and retrieving digital objects from cultural repositories. Findings suggest that, while only a subset of categories ranked as important to selecting images, the type of material and a context for searching also influence the utility of a category.(More)
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