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Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 3. Higgs Properties
This Report summarizes the results of the activities in 2012 and the first half of 2013 of the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group. The main goal of the working group was to present the state ofExpand
Patterning of Nanoparticle-Based Aerogels and Xerogels by Inkjet Printing.
First spectro-electrochemical measurements are recorded to investigate the charge-carrier mobility within these 3D semiconductor-based xerogel networks, obtained by simultaneously printing semiconductor nanoparticles and a destabilization agent. Expand
Underappreciated Roles of the Translocase of the Outer and Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Protein Complexes in Human Disease.
The importance of the mitochondrial import machinery in human disease and the association of subunits of these complexes with human disease is highlighted and the need for further studies is stressed. Expand
Direct grafting-from of PEDOT from a photoreactive Zr-based MOF - a novel route to electrically conductive composite materials.
The direct radical-induced oxidative grafting-from polymerization of the precursor EDOT on Zr-bzpdc-MOF is reported, leading to an electrically conductive composite material and opening the road to a variety of applications. Expand
A zeolitic imidazolate framework with conformational variety: conformational polymorphs versus frameworks with static conformational disorder
We show via structural considerations and DFT calculations that for a zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF) with sodalite (SOD) topology, [Zn(dcim)2]-SOD (dcim = 4,5-dichloroimidazolate), structuralExpand
Solvent-assisted linker exchange as a tool for the design of mixed-linker MIL-140D structured MOFs for highly selective detection of gaseous H2S
A MIL-140D-sdc framework has been used as a highly stable backbone for the introduction of 4,4′-azobenzene dicarboxylic acid (H2abdc) via solvent-assisted ligand exchange (SALE). The implemented azoExpand