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The Ethernet: a local area network; data link layer and physical layer specifications , version 1.0. [23] R. Perlman. An algorithm for distributed computation of a spanning tree in an extended LAN. within the subdomain a special " wild-card " group that all superdomain routers may join; the changes to each algorithm to support wild-card groups are(More)
1. Repeatability is important in determining how traits are affected by selection, but it is largely unstudied for most physiological characters other than locomotory performance. We examined the repeatability of aerobic capacity, measured as maximum 0, is an integrated index of metabolic performance that can be intuitively linked to fitness because it sets(More)
a time sharing low-cost computer. System design of a computer for time sharing applications, " ibid.. pp. 197-202. A general-purpose file system for secondary storage, " ibid., pp. 213-229. and input-output switching in a multiple computing system, " ihid.. 49. J. W. Forgie, " A time and memory sharing executive program for quick-response on-line(More)
b The main features of Sp_ToBI The 1st Sp_ToBI Workshop held at The Ohio State University in October 1999 had the important outcome of proposing a set of transcription conventions that would be useful for the transcription of Spanish intonation within the Tones and Break Indices (ToBI) framework. A preliminary proposal for these transcription conventions(More)
PVS stands for \Prototype Veriication System." It consists of a speciication language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover. PVS tries to provide the mechanization needed to apply formal methods both rigorously and productively. This tutorial serves to introduce PVS and its use in the context of hardware veriication. In the rst section, we(More)
This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part and in any form for educational or non-profit purposes without special permission from the copyright holder, provided acknowledgement of the source is made. UNEP would appreciate receiving a copy of any publication that uses this publication as a source. No use of this publication may be made for resale(More)
Whether computers can experience emotions or not is murky matter that I will leave to others willing to brave the darkness at the intersection of epistemology and consciousness. Whether computers have special states that correspond func-tionaily to emotions in organisms is, however, an important and tractable question. Asking it in the light of evolutionary(More)
of probabilities. Abstract. The construction of a multiresolution analysis starts with the specification of a scale function. The Fourier transform of this function is defined by an infinite product. The convergence of this product is usually discussed in the context of L 2 (R). Here, we treat the convergence problem by viewing the partial products as(More)