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The Ethernet: a local area network; data link layer and physical layer specifications , version 1.0. [23] R. Perlman. An algorithm for distributed computation of a spanning tree in an extended LAN. within the subdomain a special " wild-card " group that all superdomain routers may join; the changes to each algorithm to support wild-card groups are(More)
School-to-work patterns and issues are discussed for seven economies (France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and US). The emphasis is placed on differences across countries in both the current labour market position of young people and recent trends therein, along with the institutions that regulate youth education, training and employment. The(More)
  • Greg Kats, Leon Alevantis, Adam Berman, Jeff Perlman, Aileen Adams Secretary, Santa Monica +7 others
  • 2003
Dear Colleagues, This study, The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Building, represents the most definitive cost benefit analysis of green building ever conducted. It demonstrates conclusively that sustainable building is a cost-effective investment, and its findings should encourage communities across the country to " build green. " In August 2000,(More)
1. Repeatability is important in determining how traits are affected by selection, but it is largely unstudied for most physiological characters other than locomotory performance. We examined the repeatability of aerobic capacity, measured as maximum 0, is an integrated index of metabolic performance that can be intuitively linked to fitness because it sets(More)
Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. ABSTRACT An eddy-resolving numerical model of a zonal flow, meant to resemble(More)
— We show how distributed randomized network coding, a robust approach to multicasting in distributed network settings, can be extended to provide Byzantine modification detection without the use of cryptographic functions. Distributed randomized network coding is a flexible, robust approach for multi-source multicast in distributed network settings. In(More)
  • M R Lehman, Z Eshed, Netter, Sabrac, R V Smith, D N Senzig +31 others
  • 2005
a time sharing low-cost computer. System design of a computer for time sharing applications, " ibid.. pp. 197-202. A general-purpose file system for secondary storage, " ibid., pp. 213-229. and input-output switching in a multiple computing system, " ihid.. 49. J. W. Forgie, " A time and memory sharing executive program for quick-response on-line(More)
This paper provides evidence that happiness raises productivity. In Experiment 1, a randomized trial is designed. Some subjects have their happiness levels increased; those in a control group do not. The treated subjects are shown to have 12% greater productivity in a paid piece-rate task. They alter their output but not per-piece quality of work. To check(More)
1 Special thanks to Claudia Goldin and Joel Mokyr for their insightful and detailed comments. We also had very helpful discussions with and three anonymous referees raised questions and gave comments that greatly improved the paper. Participants in many conferences and seminars gave helpful comments. The data presented, the statements made, and the views(More)