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We describe a 5-yr retrospective analysis of the accuracy of the microscopic examination of bile in the detection of biliary tract disease in patients with episodic upper abdominal pain who had negative imaging procedures. In 182 patients, 189 studies of bile were performed using duodenal intubation and sincalide stimulation for gallbladder contraction. The(More)
Patients with large diaphragmatic hiatal hernias occasionally manifest severe iron deficiency anemia. The etiology is believed to be that of small erosions at the waist of the hernia which bleed slowly. Our study attempts to determine the incidence of this condition in clinical practice, and whether acid plays a role in the pathophysiology. Sixteen such(More)
We report an unusual case of a typically canine rickettsial disease, ehrlichiosis, in a 56-year-old man. Although only occasionally affecting humans with a mild illness, exposure to a tick bite in our patient led to severe multisystemic disease with intense cholestasis. Coma, acute renal failure and respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation(More)
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