Thayne R. Coffman

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We describe two methods by which foveated (variable resolution) images can be created using the techniques of compressive sensing (CS). Foveated sampling (FS) combines a linear shift-variant foveation filter with the CS measurement operator. Foveated sampling and reconstruction (FSR) combines the foveation filter with the CS measurement operator and also(More)
We explore the use of Distributed Ray Tracing (DRT), an anti-aliasing technique from computer graphics, in multi-view computational stereo. As an example, we study ABM, a multi-view stereo algorithm based on a set of Hough transform accumulation operations. Augmenting ABM with DRT improves both internal signal quality and reconstruction accuracy. Results(More)
We compare approaches for generating binary control signals for variable acuity superpixel imager (VASITM) cameras. We foveate a set of images using control signals generated by various halftoning approaches and then measure their performance via figures of merit (FOMs). We find that two novel approaches provide superior FOM values but inferior bandwidth(More)
We present a method for computing dense stereo correspondences in calibrated monocular video by iteratively and stochastically sampling match quality values in the disparity search space. Most existing methods exhaustively compute local correspondence quality before searching for a globally optimal solution. Instead, we iteratively refine a correspondence(More)
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