Thawatchai Kamsri

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In this paper, a voltage controlled current source (VCCS) providing low distortion in output signal and wide output current range is introduced. In order to obtain the high accuracy, the proposed technique employs the designed scheme to connect in feedback loop of the basic VCCS based on second generation current conveyor (CCII). This scheme consists of(More)
This paper presents a simple method based on commercially available operation amplifiers (Opamps) for realizing the square-rooting voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC). The realization of square-root function is provided through the use of the opamp supply-current sensing, which utilizes an inherent quadratic characteristic of the opamp class-AB output(More)
This paper presents the simple and inexpensive method to implement a square-root extractor for voltage input signal. The proposed extractor is based on the use of two operational amplifiers (op amps) as only active elements. The proposed technique employs the op amp supply-current sensing to achieve an inherently quadratic characteristic. The low-output(More)
This article presents a current signal sample-and-hold (S/H) circuit using 0.5 mum CMOS technology. A current minimum circuit is used to sample the input signal in place of a sampling switch used in the conventional S/H circuit. The current peak detector is used to hold the signal from the minimum circuit in the "hold" state. The proposed configuration is(More)
In this paper, a triangular-to-sawtooth waveform converter and a control logic circuit have been described. Using two designed circuits connected with OTA-based sine-to-triangular wave converter and demodulator, a resolver-to-DC converter is proposed. The converter linearly produces output signal proportional to the shaft angle in full range of 360deg.(More)
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