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Vaccination with Cancer- and HIV Infection-Associated Endogenous Retrotransposable Elements Is Safe and Immunogenic
The expression of endogenous retrotransposable elements, including long interspersed nuclear element 1 (LINE-1 or L1) and human endogenous retrovirus, accompanies neoplastic transformation andExpand
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Enhancing immunogenicity of a 3'aminomethylnicotine-DT-conjugate anti-nicotine vaccine with CpG adjuvant in mice and non-human primates.
Tobacco smoking is one of the most preventable causes of morbidity and mortality, but current smoking cessation treatments have relatively poor long term efficacy. Anti-nicotine vaccines offer aExpand
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A Study of the Specificity of Lymphocytes in Nevirapine-Induced Skin Rash
Nevirapine treatment can cause a skin rash. We developed an animal model of this rash and determined that the 12-hydroxylation metabolic pathway is responsible for the rash, and treatment of animalsExpand
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Nevirapine hypersensitivity.
Treatment of HIV-1 infections with nevirapine is associated with skin and liver toxicity. These two organ toxicities range from mild to severe, in rare cases resulting in life-threatening liverExpand
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This information is current as Immunogenic Retrotransposable Elements Is Safe and Infection-Associated Endogenous Vaccination with Cancer-and HIV and
and Neil C. Sheppard A. Ostrowski, Peter T. Loudon, Ingrid M. Pruimboom-Brees James R. Merson, R. Brad Jones, Douglas F. Nixon, Mario Eva Rakasz, Sing Rong, Michael McCluskie, Clare Christy, Janies,Expand