Tharinee Susantad

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The laminin-binding protein, variously called the 37/67-kDa high affinity laminin receptor or p40, mediates the attachment of normal cells to the laminin network, and also has a role as a ribosomal protein. Over-expression of this protein has been strongly correlated with the metastatic phenotype. However, few studies have investigated the cellular(More)
Despite infections by the dengue virus being a significant problem in tropical and sub-tropical countries, the mechanism by which the dengue virus enters into mammalian cells remains poorly described. A combination of biochemical inhibition, dominant negative transfection of Eps15 and siRNA mediated gene silencing was used to explore the entry mechanism of(More)
In infectious diseases, the disease pathogenesis is the outcome of the interaction between the genome of the host and the genome of the pathogen. Despite the wide distribution of dengue infections in the world, and the large number of annual infections, few studies have investigated how the dengue genome alters the global transcriptional profile of the host(More)
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