Thara Seesaard

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Novel gas sensors embroidered into fabric substrates based on polymers/ SWNT-COOH nanocomposites were proposed in this paper, aiming for their use as a wearable electronic nose (e-nose). The fabric-based chemical gas sensors were fabricated by two main processes: drop coating and embroidery. Four potential polymers (PVC, cumene-PSMA, PSE and(More)
The purpose of this work is a novel design and fabrication of wearable amine sensor embroidered into fabric substrates based on polymer/SWNT-COOH nanocomposite and applied as electronic nose (e-nose) system. The wearable amine sensors were fabricated by drop coating and embroidery processes. Various polymers, namely, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cumene(More)
In this paper, we have developed a wearable electronic nose (e-nose) embedded on cloth for detecting the body odor of wearer, aiming to be a self-monitoring healthcare consumer electronics. This "smelling shirt" consists of eight on-fabric chemical gas sensors based on polymer/functionalized-SWCNTs simply fabricated by embroidering and drop coating process.(More)
Thread-based gas sensor based on poly (styrenecomaleic acid) partial isobutyl/methyl mixed ester and multi-walled carbon nanotube (PSE/MWCNT) nanocomposite for NH<sub>3</sub> detection has been designed and created from two simple processes; crochet and immersion (dip) coating processes. This new dimension of fabric-based gas sensors fabrication is suitable(More)
In this paper, we have developed an electronic nose (e-nose) consisting of four gas sensors based on functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes (f-SWNTs) and polymer nanocomposites, aiming to be a convenient monitoring device for microbial spoilage and contaminants in canned food. The gas sensing signals were used as early indicators of the spoilage to(More)
A prototype of smart sniffing shoes with wireless data communication has been developed as a wearable medical instrument. This intelligent system can be divided into two major parts: (i) chemical gas sensor array installed inside the shoes for foot health monitoring and (ii) wireless data communication using ZigBee technology. The gas sensors for odor(More)
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