Thao T T Ho

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A performance study of the QBC centrifugal hematology system was conducted according to reference and analytical procedures defined in NCCLS Tentative Standard for Leukocyte Differential Counting, H20-T. A complex mathematical transformation and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were applied to the test data. This statistical technique is intended to segregate(More)
Composites of trimethylammonium-modified nanofibrillated cellulose and layered silicates (TMA-NFC/LS) were prepared by high-shear homogenization followed by pressure filtration and vacuum hot-pressing, which gave rise to particularly homogeneous dispersion of the silicate particles. Thirteen different clays and micas were employed. Water vapor barrier and(More)
A design-of-experiments approach for the investigation of the cross-metathesis of methyl ricinoleate with methyl acrylate is described. Two second-generation metathesis initiators were studied using different reaction conditions, revealing optimal reaction conditions for each catalyst. Interestingly, the two catalysts showed completely different temperature(More)
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