Thanwa Sripramong

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This paper introduces an automated circuit design system for the evolution and subsequent invention of CMOS amplifiers. The proposed system relies on a mix of genetic programming and a new topologyindependent design optimisation method referred to as current-flow analysis. Genetic programming evolves new circuit topologies from the collection of primitive(More)
Chris Toumazou is with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, London. Abstract This paper presents ideas and concepts for designing analogue circuit from specification definition to ready-to-design for chip layout. The Distribute/Parallel Genetic Programming with module library extension is introduced as mainly process to(More)
Bilateral filter and Total variation image denoising are widely used in image denoising. In low noisy level, bilateral filtering is better than TV denoising for it reveals better SNR and sharper edges. However, in high noisy level, TV denoising outperforms bilateral filtering in terms of SNR and more details of non edges. It is very difficult to perform(More)
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